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Hi! I want to share with you a simple and effective method I found which lifts my spirits and helps me experience a fulfilling and meaningful life - no matter what the circumstances and conditions of life are at any given moment. I searched for this because I had been prone to depression, but the Connect & Glow exercises can also be used if you are feeling great and simply want to feel greater!

I discovered the Connect & Glow mind-body modality in 2003 as part of my effort to pull myself out of a lengthy, deep depression. I happened upon a book about the brain, “A General Theory of Love,” by three psychiatrists (Lewis, Amini, Lannon, Random House, 2000). The book speaks of the importance of limbic resonance, which happens when people hang out in healthy relationships, spending time over time. An idea was sparked: if everything is energy, including our thoughts, couldn’t visualized energy stimulate the limbic brain? As a composer and pianist, I was in touch with the effects of vibration (sound), and my regular meditation practice gave me an increasing understanding of all of life as energy.
    I began to experiment, with two practice periods each day, picturing a small ball of light where I imagined the limbic brain to be.
    I began to feel better right away - I was lightening up! I named the exercise Brain Glow, and began adding other energy centers - at the heart, hands, belly and feet - and connecting them energetically - the “Connect the Dots” and “Being Glow” exercises.
    Connect & Glow offers healing, upliftment, and well-being; the visualizations are equally as effective for beginners as for more advanced practitioners. They open the door to an unending discovery and enjoyment of inner riches. You are invited to step in - to radiant aliveness.

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