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meditations with music

Relax into the deep and soothing beauty of Kate's keyboard music while she guides you in the Connect the Dots and Being Glow healing visualizations. Kate weaves together improvised and composed piano music with guided meditation and pertinent information about experiencing life as vibration.

The music deepens the meditations; the meditations enhance the healing qualities of the music.

The Connect & Glow exercises are an easy and direct way to relieve stress. They are effective and helpful for anyone who seeks a simple yet meaningful way to find more inner peace and stability, for anyone who wishes to be more comfortable and effective in their personal lives, experiencing ongoing well-being.

Suitable for beginning as well as seasoned practitioners.

The Connect & Glow meditative exercises quickly bring participants to a deep connection with their inner source of vibrant well-being. The exercises are inspired by ancient Eastern wisdom and modern quantum physics, and grew out of experiments with visualizing the energetic stimulation of the limbic center of the brain in an effort to heal depression.


“My personal daily goal is to expand my day-to-day human existence beyond surviving to thriving, with joy as the ground of the spectrum of emotional experience, carrying the awareness of my connection with the source of universal love within me into each moment. Connecting the Dots brings me to that center; Being and Brain Glows magnify and expand the healing, caring, and enlivening energy found there.” - Kate Moody

Connect & Glow appeals to novice inquirers as well as seasoned spiritual seekers. It is ideal for people who have an interest in meditation but may have been intimidated by the prospect of trying not to think, or of sitting still for prescribed periods of time - using the Connect the Dots and Glow techniques, the practitioner actively engages in the connection with and expansion of their personal energy field, and can practice for brief or lengthy sessions, according to their need or desire. The simple meditative visualizations are effective on their own, but also open the door to extended study. Participants with more experience will find the meditative visualizations deepening and inspiring.

Some comments from participants:

“I participated in (a famous online class) but wasn’t getting it. Now I realize that I was looking outside myself for connection - you helped me find a deep and meaningful connection with Universal Oneness - inside myself!"
“I will come to any event that you are putting on - please keep me on your list!"
“That was absolutely beautiful - please let me know when you’ll be doing that again!"
"What a tremendous feeling!"

          "I feel like a whole new person!"

Download a free copy of Brain Glow from the AUDIO page. Brain Glow is the original Glow technique, developed as a method to heal depression. This track will always be free on this site - I want anyone who is experiencing depression to have an opportunity to heal.

          "I got chicken skin!"

take a moment to Connect the Dots . . .

and reconnect with inner well-being.

“Thank you for sharing your very moving and inspiring story...Many a brain will become aglow with the light you transmit!”

-Harold Bloomfield, M.D.