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A meaningful part of the solution…
What causes addictive behaviors?
When we experience discomfort we want to change how we feel, and we often turn to less-than-healthy methods to change our feelings.
Connect & Glow offers a simple and meaningful approach which provides immediate relief, as well as ongoing, long-term healing.
A regular Connect & Glow practice creates a reference point of inner connection.
Connect & Glow is a “gateway” meditation, opening the door to deeper life meaning and understanding.

Connect & Glow  is a versatile modality, from Quick Glow for on-the-go moments, to deep immersion in Working With the Energy.

BRAIN GLOW: the original exercise - heals depression.
CONNECT THE DOTS: the basic technique.
BEING GLOW: expanding awareness and inner connection.
WORKING WITH THE ENERGY: in-depth exploration in pertinent growth areas:
    Forgiveness, of Self and Others
    I Am Comfortable In My Body
    Acceptance and Trust
    Connecting With Inner Guidance
    What is “God’s Will”?


Ways to Go...
"In Residence"
Kate spends a dedicated period of time at your facility, teaching the Connect & Glow practice to your clients, while training your staff to be Connect & Glow Certified Instructors.


Host a Connect & Glow Certified Instructor Training Workshop for your staff and interested community members.

Created by Kate Moody
    Natural Foods Chef
    Long-term Twelve Step Practitioner

take a moment to Connect the Dots . . . and reconnect with inner well-being